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Youngstown Can Am Challenge, Replacement for the Level Regatta

Hello Kirby Nation,

Happy New Year to all our fellow Kirby 25 Owners. we are happy 2014 is here which means on 4.5 more months until sailing season begins for most of us. for those of you who have been sailing all year long. we are all very jealous.

We recently received an update from the Youngstown Regatta organizers discussing the change to the regatta platform. Let make sure we get as many Kirby’s there so we can start this new regatta off right. I have included the email we received below for those of you who have not received it.


” The Youngstown Level Regatta wrapped up last July after a 40 year run but we here at Youngstown YC have come up with a replacement event called the Can Am Challenge.  It will take place as usual at the end of July, same place, same time slot, same fun and great racing!  We wanted to make some changes to our regatta so we needed to change the name, hence the end of the Level and the beginning of the Can Am Challenge.  The new name signifies an overall contest we will be running for bragging rights between the Canadian and US boats sailing in the event.  The details of that contest will be disclosed at a later date.

What will be different this year, aside from the International challenge aspect?  We are simplifying our shoreside activities to return to our roots, the early days of the Level when things on land were more laid back and old school.  We will have new and fun activities that we promise you will enjoy.

Gone will be Level and handicap racing, we will be focusing on One Design keelboats of all sizes (except dinghies).  Fleets invited to date:  Viper, Shark, Kirby 25, Melges 20, Melges 24, J/22, J/24, J/70, J/80, J/27, J/88, J/105, J/35, CS 30, C&C 29 1&2, C&C 99, Beneteau First 10R, Beneteau First 36.7.  We have also been asked to include the C&C 33-2s and Farr 30s, possibly the Beneteau 40.7s as well.  If your class is not on the list please let us know, we aim to be inclusive.

Here is the link to the website on Yacht Scoring.  Help us get the ball rolling by signing up:


Some day you will want to say that you were at the first Can Am Challenge!

Don Finkle”


We will be updating the Regatta Schedule in the coming weeks to ensure that you all are prepared for this years events as soon as possible. lets make this year a great success. Success to us is increasing participation numbers at all Kirby 25 Events.


Your Kirby 25 Team