Membership Information


Annual Membership is $30 CDN for boat owners and $20 CDN for (Associate) crew and other interested non-owners. Kirby 25 membership benefits:

  • The website – maintained and operated from Membership Fees and serves as a valuable resource for the exchange of Kirby 25 information and events.
  • Permission to race in the various Kirby 25 class regattas.
  • Assistance and promotion of local regattas to encourage participation in Kirby 25 one design events.
  • Maintenance of the Kirby 25 Class Association’s bylaws and constitution.

It is required that boat owners pay their membership fees prior to participation in any Kirby 25 events. We encourage crew members to join and support the class by becoming an associate member.

Membership fees can be paid via PayPal on the Kirby 25 website, click here, or you can pay cash to the Kirby 25 Class President. A list of fully paid members can be found on our Paid Members List.