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Borrowers only have to actually cover the entire amount out of their own pockets. Before a heat pump is even purchased, the local basic supplier should always be contacted. Various subsidies exist for heat pumps, which can be used when purchasing the heat pump, but also for the entire duration of use.

Taking out a loan for a heat pump is not uncommon due to the high purchase costs

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The amount of funding varies depending on the basic provider and the federal state, so no general statement can be made about this. For this reason, too, people who are concerned with the purchase of a heat pump should contact the basic supplier or support associations directly. Since the heat pump converts geothermal energy into energy, this reduces the primary energy requirement of a household or company.

This environmentally friendly measure almost always grants a subsidy, which is often done in direct cooperation with the manufacturers of the pumps, which is why the delivery rate can differ depending on the model. The credit for heat pumps then only has to cover the difference between purchasing and funding, which, however, should not be underestimated for modern and large pumps. Before purchasing, it must always be differentiated whether the pump is used for business, for example in a craft business, or in your own household (private).

The previous calculation is advised

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Since the funding does not only have to come from the regional basic supplier but also, for example, from the credit institution for reconstruction or various free associations, the future borrower should make a reasonably exact calculation in advance of the purchase of the heat pump. This should, of course, include the purchase value of the pump itself, but also how much money should be made available from which funding.

The difference that then arises can be compensated via the loan for the heat pump, provided that your own private or business assets are insufficient or should not be used. Since a heat pump pays for itself relatively quickly in terms of profitability, the interest rates that accrue to the lender only cause a slight delay until full profitability or until the break-even point.

Of course, as is generally the case in credit, it is advantageous here if the borrower informs himself beforehand about his options for taking out a loan for the heat pump with regard to the conditions of individual providers.

This is the only way for the prospective borrower to ensure that he actually receives a low-interest loan for the desired amount. The individual details, such as additional fees or the term, can then be found in the respective loan agreement. The term of the loan for heat pumps can be adjusted relatively freely, provided that the monthly installments do not exceed the borrower’s budget. This should be taken into account when making a comparison.

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