Class Constitution

The name of this organization shall be the “Kirby 25 Class Association.”

The constitution and the class rules may be translated into any language. However, in the event of a dispute the English text shall prevail.


Section 1 – Objectives

1.1 – To maintain the one-design character of the Kirby 25.

1.2 -To manage the affairs of the Class and actively promote all aspects of sailing the Kirby 25.

1.3 -To encourage and coordinate competition within the Class and to organize the annual Class championship.

1.4 -To administer the Class Rules so as to maintain the Kirby 25 as a modern one-design class.

1.5 – To provide a means of communication between Association members, and to represent the class.


Section 2 – Membership

2.1 -Full membership shall be upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription, to be open to any owner of a Kirby 25, or in the case of joint owners, to one of them, or in the case of a Kirby 25 owned by a corporation or association to a nominated member of that organization.

2.2 -Associate members shall, upon of the prescribed annual subscription be open to any individual club interested in the Kirby 25 Class Association.

2.3 -The annual general meeting shall have the power to elect honourary members as a mark of appreciation for services to the Kirby 25 Class Association.


Section 3 – Annual Dues

3.1 – The annual dues for full and associate members shall be determined by majority vote at the annual general meeting


Section 4 – Management

4.1 – General Committee

4.1.1 -The affairs of the Kirby 25 Class Association shall be managed by the Executive members. 

4.1.2 -The executive members shall be elected annually at the annual general meeting and shall serve until the conclusion of the following  annual general meeting.

4.1.3 – In the event of vacancies occurring on the committee for any reason whatsoever, the committee shall have the power to co-opt replacements.

4.1.4 – Each committee member shall have one vote. Decisions shall be reached by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes the President shall have an additional vote.

4.1.5 – Three members shall form a General Committee quorum and telephone, internet and email meetings are permitted.

4.1.6 – Fourteen days notice of meetings must be given to all general committee members. This notice shall include an agenda.

4.2 – Class Championship

4.2.1 – The championship schedule for the following year will be determined at the annual general meeting.


Section 5 – Annual General Meeting

5.1 – The annual general meeting of the Kirby 25 Class Association shall be held each year in conjunction with the Class Championships.

5.2 – Business at the annual general meeting shall comprise of:

President’s report.
A vote on the annual dues for the following year.
Election of honourary members.
Election of officers and committee members.

5.3 – At any general meeting decisions shall be by simple majority except on matters concerning the Kirby 25 Class Association Constitution. Alterations or amendments to the Constitution must be carried by a two-thirds majority vote.

5.4 – At any general meeting both full and associate members may vote. In the event of an equality of votes the President chairman shall have an additional vote.


Section 6 – Class Rules

6.1 – Proposals for any alterations or amendments to the class rules shall be submitted in writing to the President.

6.2 – All proposed rule changes will be presented by the President to current members of the Association via email, fax, or mail. Proposals shall be deemed carried if two-thirds of the votes are cast in favour. The approved rule changes will come into effect on March 1st of the following year.

6.3 – Boats found not in compliance with the class rules, will, at the discretion of the executive be assessed a penalty, awarded last place or disqualified from any race or series.

6.4 – All boats can be subject to an on the spot measurement inspection by a Class executive, or designee as a result of a protest.


Section 7 – Class Championship Rules

7.1 – The Kirby 25 Class Association shall arrange the annual Class Championships, but may delegate the running of such championships.

7.2 – Class Championships will be conducted under the ISAF racing rules and the Kirby 25 Championship rules. The owner of each boat taking part in a Class Championship must be a paid-up member of the Association.

7.3 – For a Class Championship, a minimum of five races shall be scheduled.

7.4 – For a championship to be valid, at least three races must be completed.