About the Kirby 25 Class Association


The Kirby 25 Class is a one design yacht racing fleet primarily located in Ontario, Canada. The Kirby 25 Class offers competitive one design regattas for competitive Kirby 25 enthusiasts in Southern Ontario.  The Kirby 25 Class Association is managed by volunteer members in an effort to support Kirby 25 owners and promote event participation. We encourage all members to volunteer and help sustain the Kirby 25 Class we all enjoy.

The Class Association is managed by members from the active racing regions who were elected by fellow  members at the Kirby 25 annual general meeting. The Kirby 25 Class Rules have been developed to maintain the integrity of the class,  ensure boats are as identical as possible, and to ensure the most amount of enjoyment for fellow Kirby 25 racers/owners.

The Kirby 25 Class Association encourages fellow members to read, understand, and adhere to the Class Rules. Each owner must be a member of the Kirby 25 Class Association to participate in any of the sanctioned Kirby 25 events and to be eligible to vote on Kirby 25 Class Rule changes.

We are glad to welcome you to the Kirby 25 Class and we look forward to seeing you on the race course this season.


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